Header image shows a photograph of a pink and purple sky at sunset, with a house, trees, and telephone line visible at the bottom. Strands of fairy lights are reflected in the image, almost giving the impression of stars.

Still under construction!

Hi! Im Swift (all genders/all pronouns). I'm 24, mexican, kemetic pagan, and I primarily describe myself as an artist before anything else. This is my website where I catalogue all the things I make and do, mostly for hosting different kinds of portfolios. I'm always looking for work, hit me up at divinefeline28@proton.me (thats my email!)

I've been practicing digital art for the last 10 years. I love drawing animals and designing fantastical animal characters. I've been inspired by the Warrior Cats series for most of my life.

As a kid my mother was very enthusiastic about homemade Halloween costumes, and on several occassions we made rudimentary cosplays. In 2022, I took up cosplaying by myself and have since been inspired to begin fursuiting with the knowledge and tools I gained from that experience.

i promise there will be images in those weird spaces in the boxes i just didnt get that far yet